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Motorcycle Rider Evades Police After a Chase in Victorville

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( — On February 14, 2024, around 11:18 am, law enforcement witnessed a reckless driver performing dangerous stunts, specifically wheelies on a motorcycle.

Deputies on the scene attempted to conduct a traffic stop at the intersection of Borego Road and Palmdale Road in Victorville.

The motorcycle operator, however, disregarded the deputies’ signal to stop and initiated a pursuit. Fleeing westbound on Borego Road, the driver recklessly ignored multiple stop signs, putting both themselves and the public at risk.

The pursuit reached a point where deputies lost visual contact with the motorcycle near the intersection of El Evado and Luna.

Despite conducting an extensive area check for both the motorcycle and its operator, law enforcement’s efforts proved unsuccessful in locating them.

Individuals with relevant details can contact the Victorville Police Department at 760-241-2911 to aid in their ongoing investigation.

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